About Me

I love saving money and think that people should look at this in all areas of life. Couponing, groupons, shopping around on the web – all great fun and can save you a fortune!

By following my blog series, you are going to make great savings. I will, for instance, teach you how to be a more actively savvy consumer and shift you towards the best moving deals in the market. I am here to show you how to do this.

What You Stand to Gain

By reading this blog, you will learn just about everything you need to know about moving houses, selling your home, finding the best deals on the market, and saving money in the process.

Having moved home a couple of times myself, and worked with countless other movers, I have the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm you are looking for. When you follow this blog, therefore, you can be sure of making amazing savings in real time – savings you would not have even considered before coming here.

As a quick blast of money saving options, I have come up with these ideas to help. Looking for mortgages, then shop around and check out independent either high street lenders or an independent broker such as this. Looking for solicitors? Check out these Leeds property solicitors. Or maybe even removals – shop around and you could save yourself money!